Fashion Entrepreneurs and Sustainability

Rana Plaza

(This article follows the 1st part of my entrepreneurial journey.)

During the past 15 years, I have launched several businesses. Today I’m training and coaching other entrepreneurs and business owners, in various industries but mainly in Fashion. I won’t say that I have become an expert in Sustainability nor in Fashion, but I would better define myself as a learner since I’m still experimenting with the principles of Sustainable Development in the business world and improving by increments.

The fashion industry must change

I see many new initiatives in my primary field of work, which includes textile, fashion, and clothing. This industry is often pointed as the second most polluting industry in the world. Although I am no scientist I have seen enough waste, pollution, and exploitation of all kinds, to disagree with the above statement.

Our world is consuming more clothes than ever before. This phenomenon has been made easier with the end of the Multi-Fiber Agreement. On January 1st, 2005, the quotas imposed on developing countries on garment export to developed countries has been phased out. This led to an increase in the import of cheap clothes mainly from China (which economy was far less developed at that time) and later from other developing countries. 

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From Sustainable Development to Fashion Entrepreneur

Sustainable Development Fashion Entrepreneur

I LOVE MY JOB: I run programs to help fashion designers and sustainable fashion entrepreneur. I work with international organizations, I’m a speaker and I get to travel to various parts of the world. It is an unusual career path. It has been a rocky road and I would like to share my story with you.

In 2003, I decided to take a gap year to go back to study. Coming from a banking and consulting background, the natural move would have been an MBA. Some of my colleagues had gone down that road. But I wanted to explore a less traveled path. I wanted to expand my horizon as far as possible. I wanted to learn something that would not only feed my mind and soul, but also that would be useful for the rest of my career, and if possible, useful for the world.

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Opportunities for Emerging Fashion Entrepreneurs in 2018?

opportunities for emerging fashion designer entrepreneur business

Being a fashion entrepreneur for over a decade I am always amazed by the capacity of the fashion industry to embrace the change and integrate the new trends and technologies in the development of the business. The changes have accelerated at a mindblowing speed in the last six years and 2017 is probably a major turning point in the fashion industry. What about 2018?

As an emerging designer, do you know how to play your cards to grasp the opportunities in 2018? Here are a few areas you need to focus on if you want your brand to thrive next year:

Cultivate the art of being a startup

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Fashion Entrepreneurship is the New Black

fashion entrepreneur new black

If you are interested in starting a new business, have you ever considered the Fashion industry? The apparent trivial nature of the sector might dishearten your enthusiasm. However, as an Entrepreneur, no matter the scope of your ambitions or your experience, Fashion is an industry wherein every Entrepreneur would find a space for laying the foundations of an exciting business.

Demand for Fashion is evergreen

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