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Leekei TangMy name is Leekei Tang. I am an entrepreneur, an educator, and lifelong learner. I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their business as I am convinced that entrepreneurs and businesses have the power to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and inclusive society.

I live in Paris and my main focus is Fashion and Luxury goods, so I write mainly about these topics. But I am also an obsessive curious mind, so I always enjoy exploring new ideas and technologies to see how these could be integrated into building better businesses.

Mindful Founder is my labor of love. This blog helps me along my journey of becoming a better entrepreneur. I explore ideas on startups, entrepreneurship, fashion business, economics, sustainable development, responsible business, management, leadership…etc. I believe that there is not a unique way to implement a concept or to solve a problem. But it is important to be guided by a set of principles and a solid moral compass. In addition to being a blog on entrepreneurship and on the fashion industry, Mindful Founder is also a platform to help fine-tune a moral compass to create a meaningful business.

I am currently developing ALOE development a company that provides training and coaching programs to entrepreneurs in the fashion and creative industries.

Please enjoy.